Course Videos#


Most coding lessons in this textbook are also available as walkthroughs on the NESC 3505 YouTube channel, where I go through the lesson, type the code, and explain things. I suggest that you play these and work through the lessons on CoCalc at the same time.



Stream is Microsoft’s video hosting platform. It is, essentially, Microsoft’s version of YouTube, but it is “closed” in that only people with accounts can view the videos.

Adding videos to Stream#

If you make a video for your demos, you can upload it to Stream or YouTube. Done according to the instructions below, this will make your demo video visible to everyone in the class, but no one outside the class. Please use Stream for your demo videos, rather than sharing via any other platform. This keeps everything in one place, easy for us and your peers to find.

  • You can make videos using the free Panopto software provided by Dalhousie, or you can use any number of other tools that allow screen (and possibly webcam) recording, including ones built into MacOS and Windows.

  • Save/export the video in .mp4 format

  • Open Stream and go to the “Demos” channel for this course (under My Content/Demos)

  • Drag and drop your .mp4 movie file into the Stream browser window. It will upload to the Demos channel, because that’s the one you have open when you drop the movie in. The movie will inherit the privacy settings of the channel, so it will only be visible to other students in the class. If you’re not in the Demos channel when you upload, it’s likely that the video will be private to you and not viewable by anyones else.